Our philosophy is that personalized healthcare programs should be holistic, supporting the seamless delivery of care for health, wellness and the management of diseases and conditions.

We believe health care should be integrated into the lives, priorities and preferences of the individual, where care-plans are personalized to the individual’s unique health and social circumstances.

Personalized healthcare is a critical component of population health, building on analytic systems that identify sub-populations needing specific attention or interventions, and complementing systems that focus in best-practice pathways management to track progress against personal goals and provide active interventions that drive sustained behavior changes leading to material and positive impact on outcomes.

Participatory Health Programs

Ares Health Systems personalized healthcare programs motivate individuals to take greater responsibility for their own health outcomes by making sustained changes to their behaviors, and at the same time connects them with their physician and care-team for focused clinical management and support - participatory health.

Our programs utilize a range of tools including:

  • Personal health assessments

  • Individualized health risk reports

  • Integration with clinically managed personal care plans

  • Home monitoring of key measures such as blood pressure, blood glucose, pedometer steps and/or weight

  • Performance tracking against individual care-plan goals

  • Automated feedback and motivation through information “nuggets”

  • Partnership and integration with complementary third-party solutions