Mpower Your Health is an advanced care-delivery system that bridges the gap between consumer and population health ecosystems to connect users and care-teams in participatory health that drives bottom-line value.

The system drives care-plan engagement to support sustained positive behavior change and advance individual health outcomes.

It enables the efficient delivery of personalized care for health, wellness and disease management to large-scale populations. and has validated outcomes from operational use.

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Mpower System Capabilities

Mpower uses clinical agreed upon goals and objectives derived from the patient's care plan to determine condition specific data inputs relevant to care management and participatory health
  • It creates a dynamic, continuously updated patient profile from select data inputs from multiple sources
  • It uses patent protected pattern matching technology to interpret the profile against the context of condition specific personal goals and objectives
  • Using this context, the System creates actionable intelligence reflecting changes in the profile are relevant and meaningful
  • These outputs are pushed into clinical workflows based on internal rules
    • End-users receive feedback on goal progress as well as personalized, motivational information “nuggets” supporting sustained positive behavior change
    • Clinicians are alerted to the ongoing health status of their patients, highlighting  individuals needing active management, to support timely, focused intervention
  • Extensibility to multiple conditions is achieved through easily deployable program packages containing rules, content, nuggets and dashboard interfaces

Mpower Technology Platform

Mpower is deployed as a cloud-service, running on Microsoft AzureTM. This facilitates scalability to large populations and interfacing with a range of third party clinical systems and services, for example the collection of patient generated health data and integration with electronic health record systems.

For end users, Mpower includes an integrated mobile health app, available for Apple iOS and Android, that supports the delivery of specific programs of care and includes data collection, tracking against goals and delivery of personalized feedback information nuggets.

Mpower Points of Difference

In contrast to systems that only identify "at risk" patients or provide pathways-oriented care, Mpower bridges the gap between consumer health and clinical ecosystems by creating personalized, participatory care-plan engagement, connecting consumers with care-teams to actively drive improved outcomes and bottom line value:
  • The active engagement of individuals in the day to day management of their health, drives personal responsibility for outcomes, and by shifting the focus of care away from the clinic setting facilitates reduces physician work-load
  • The progress and performance of patients is presented within clinical workflows enabling care-team increasing efficiency by focusing on individuals that need clinical attention
  • By facilitating remote patient care, access to revenue streams for value-based care is specifically facilitated
  • Specifically designed to fill the systems gap for the delivery of personalized care, by complementing and leveraging capabilities in clinical, care-management, and consumer platforms
  • It is fast to implement and adaptable to multiple programs of care

Who Can Benefit

The Mpower system is targeted at organizations seeking to increase the active participation of individuals in their health and welfare and to leverage and extend the capabilities, reach and impact of existing clinical record, personal health and population health systems.

Organizations that Mpower's capabilities can benefit, include health providers, health plans and businesses involved in the creation, collection or management of patient generated health data or underlying devices, organizations with strength in consumer health systems seeking to connect these to clinical care platforms, population health systems seeking to add capabilities for personalized care.